Why letters are better than Email?

There is no better means of communication with people at a distance than thought a letter. Communication by telephone or email may be faster but it lacks the quality of letter after a long time. Moreover, the letter has a personal touch if written by hand, since each handwriting is unique in character, projecting the personality of the writer. A good letter fosters good relations with persons and firms.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Online Fax

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Letter may be classified according to their objectives into personal letters and business letters. In both types of letters, the examiners give credit for knowledge of how to set out the formal elements of the letter (addresses, date, greetings, etc.). However, most appreciation are awarded for tone (appropriateness of the language to the purpose of the letter, the subject matter, expression etc.) of the letter. Well Emails are great. But Just give a hand written letter to someone you love the most and see the difference.

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