Write a Letter to your client regarding closing of your software division and transfer of services to another person or firm.

Your firm is going to close down its software maintenance and support services. So write a letter to your client for informing that your organization will be unable to give further support for the maintenance of the software.

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The Managing Director
Global Distributors,


Sub (Closing of software division and Maintenance of the Distributor Management Software)
Dated : XX/XX/YYYY

Dear Sir,

We venture to bring to your kind notice that XYZ TECHNOLOGY (Any Organization Name) will be unable to provide further support for the given software (software name) due to unavoidable reasons. While XYZ TECHNOLOGY will continue to provide its online software, website and biometric services to all its clients.

Mr. XYZ Agarwal is willing to provide the support and other updation services directly for the better maintenance of your software. Thus he may be contacted as per your requirement. We have already given him the software package with all the necessary documentations. All the financial and official dealings may be done directly with him personally or with any firm name given by him.


We regret, for not being able to provide you the software support, but still we will be glad to hear from your side regarding website development projects and biometrics attendance systems.

Thanking You


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