Short notes on inductive method in teaching geography

Inductive method

In this method one is led from concrete to abstract, particular to general. In this method we prove a universal law by showing that if it is true in a particular case it is also true in other similar cases.

Through these illustrations an attempt is made to elicit the new theory of knowledge from the students. This is a psychological and logical method.

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In this method the teacher should take the following precautions.

(i) He should not cite many examples otherwise the students feel bored.

(ii) The teacher should act patiently and make all possible efforts to elect the information, rules and theories from the students.

(iii) The teacher should encourage the students so as to develop their power of research and discovery.


This method is very useful for teaching of Geography. We have cause and effect relationship and this can be very easily clarified by use of this method.

Say our aim is to teach that in areas near Equator, there is a good deal of heat and warmth. To achieve the aim the students are asked in a circle around the fire and an attempt be made to elicit the principle that on equator the sun rays are straight and therefore there is so much of heat.

In the absence of any arrangement of fire in school we may draw a picture on black-board and then elicit the-principle with the help of questions.

Using this method an attempt should be made to elicit the principle that on the equator the sun rays are straight and so the place is hot. In the polar region the sun rays are slanting and so there is less of heat.

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