Short Essay on “Be a Person”

Hegel means it by saying that we should constitute our personality of our individuality. We should realise our rational self by transferring our sentiment self.

Hegel's Realization of the Spirit in History | Luminous Darkness

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Personality is an end in itself: It is not a means to any other end. It is the highest good. So we should exert ourselves to the utmost to realize our personality and respect that of others. “Be a person and respect others as persons (Hegel).”

Perfectionism regards society an organisation of self-conscious and self-determining persons who realize themselves by gradually rising above their narrow individuality and identifying themselves with richer and wider life of the society. We are not isolated from one another. We are members of a social system. We should not seek our personal good apart from that of others. But we should realize a rational universe. We should realize the most perfect type of human experience.


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