Brief note on the Attributes of Jivas

Jiva is self-illuminated and illuminates other things also. it is eternal and pervades the whole body. It enjoys the fruits of actions and tends to go upwards. Karma enters into it due to Anadi Avidya and it is bound down in shackles. The fettered Jiva is conscious (Chetana) and Nitya Pariname possessed of the qualities of flexibility of Jiva differs from that of inanimate objects. it does not envelop the body, it feels in its every part. One inanimate object cannot enter into another inanimate object. But Atman an enter into matter. Similarly one Jiva can enter into another Jiva. Jiva has no from and is therefore not the object of eyes. Its existence is determined by self experience. In released state (Mukta Avastha) it attains Samyak Jnana. Jiva has pradesas, which are also called paryayas. So Jiva is called astikaya, it is parinami and ever characterized by birth, destruction and eternity. It happens due to the effect of time.

Alchimix with Jiva 28th Jan - German Bakery

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