What is Ashrava Tattva?

The entrance of Karma sudgalas in the body of Jiva through Yoga is known as ashrava, Yoga is a process of action, speech and mind (Manas). Thus Ashrava is a cause of the bondage of Jiva. Jiva and pudgals exits in Lokakasa from limitless time. The Karmas of Jiva are also with them. but the contact of Anadi Avidya (Eternal egotism) four kasayas, viz., Anger, greed, Egotism and illusion also accompany Jiva. The result of the actions of Jiva is also present pudgals in the form of samskaras.

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Kinds of Ashrava:

Ashrava is of forty two kinds. Out of these, kaya-yoga, Vagyoga, Manoyoga, five sense organs, four Kasayas and non-observance of five vratas, e.g., non-violence (Ahimsa), truth etc. are specially important. In addition to these there are near about twenty five small Ashravas. All of them lead to human bondage. Ashrava is also divided into Bhavasrava and Dravyashrava. The former refers to the changes in the bhava of Jiva before the entrance of the Karma pudgals into it. The changes occurring after the entrance of the Karma pudgals fall in the second category. Karma pudgals stick to Jiva like the particles of dust, which stick to the body massaged with oil. In this instance oil massage is Bhavasrava and sticking of dust is Dravyashrava.

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