What is Bandha Tattva ?

The overshadowing of Jiva by pudgals due to Kasayas is termed as Bondage or Bandha Tattva by the Jainas. Mental tendencies are responsible for the bondage of Jiva. Conscious thoughts and feelings are the root cause of bondage and the ashrava of pudgala is the result of such thoughts. Bhavasrava is born before the entrance of pudgals in Jiva. The bondage of Jiva, which follows it, is known as Bhava Bandha. Dravyashrava follows the entrance of pudgalasin Jiva. The bondage, which involves Jivas after it is termed as Dravya Bandha. Ashrava destroys the real from of Jiva and consequently it is exposed to bondage.

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A part from these two factors, there are other causes of the bondage of e.g., Karma, falsehood, attachment and non-observance of the rules of penance. In the state of bondage, Jiva and pudgals enter into one another Jiva and pudgals are present in each and every part of living body. Pudgalay and Jiva intermingle like water and milk or iron and fire.

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