13 Advantages of Political Party System

13 Advantages of Political Party System are as follows:

(1) Political Parties Are According to Human Nature

There is diversity in human views like diversity in the nature. Therefore, it is essential that diversities should come out through different political parties. Certain people are liberal while others are conservative.

Therefore, all these different views are expressed through political parties.

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(2) Political Parties concentrate the attention of the voters on big problems:

Political parties concentrate the attention of the electorate on big problems and place before them the solution of those problems. They also appeal to the people to think of the solution and extend their full co-operation.

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(3) Political Parties made the working of democracy possible:

As we have already said the success of democracy is not possible without political parties. The reason for this is that the political parties create the spirit of organisation and discipline among the people. After the elections, every party elects its leader and it becomes easy for the President to invite the leader of the majority party to form the government.

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Leacock has rightly said, “Far from being in conflict with the theory of democratic government, it is the only thing which renders the latter feasible. For it is impossible for all the people to rule all the time taken singly. A modern democratic state without this somewhat artificial and yet essential unanimity would become the brawling chaos of individual opinion.


(4) Political Parties create co-operation between the executive and legislature:

Whether it is parliamentary government or the Presidential, it cannot function without the co-operation between the executive and the legislature. The political parties act as a link between the two organs of the government. In a Parliamentary government the leader of majority party becomes the Prime Minister. In a Presidential government if there is a majority of the President’s party, he can get a willing co-operation from the legislature.

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(5) Opposition parties check the absolutism of the government:

The opposition parties criticize the absolutism of government and compel it to function in a proper manner. If they fail to achieve this purpose through mere criticism, they powerful movements. Ultimately, the government has to bow before the wishes of the people.

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(6) Political parties create awakening amongst the people:

Political parties awaken the people politically and create political consciousness among them. They attract the people towards the political problems. The workers of political parties go from door to door and acquaint the people with the problems of the country. They pursued the electorate to go to the polling booths and advise them as how to cast their votes.

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(7) Opposition parties point out the short-comings of the laws:

Generally the political parties, after going into the details of the Bills introduced by the ruling party, criticise them. Thus, all the short-comings of the Bills are made known to the electorate and the press. The ruling party, in order to maintain its popularity, tries to remove those short-comings and, in this way, good laws are passed in the country.

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(8) Parties make the working of the constitution and the Government flexible:

Written constitution and the laws are very rigid. If the government is run strictly according to them, there will be a great practical difficulty. Sometimes, the difficulties of the people increase when the laws are implemented rigidly, because there are many difficult procedures to be followed.

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Therefore, the opposition parties lay particular stress that the constitution and the laws should be implemented in such a way as the people’s difficulties does not increase. The ruling party is also compelled to maintain its popularity. In this way the working of the government becomes flexible.

(9) Parties act as a sort of link between the people and the Government:

The ruling party and the opposition parties maintain a continuous and close contact with the people. The opposition parties place the difficulties and demands of the before the Government.

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The ruling party has also to contest elections after a short interval of time and it has to get vote from the people. Therefore, it tries its best to solve the problems of the people. In this way the Government functions for the welfare of the people and in accordance with the public opinion.

(10) Political parties pilot the reforms:

Each party prepares a programme for the removal of social, economic and administrative drawbacks of the country and for making country strong, the ruling party and other parties try to remove all these evils through legislative measures and through propaganda.

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(11) Political parties impart much political education:

The political parties contest elections and for this purpose they publish their election manifestos and other relevant literature, through which they try to present their view-point. They propagate their policies and criticize other parties in public meetings. After the election, similar line of action is adopted.

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Through this, people receive much political education, because they come to know of the qualities and drawbacks o each party and also get knowledge of various problems facing the country.

(12) Committees of Experts:

Parties sometimes appoint committees of experts in order to solve complex problems.

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(13) Formation of Government is easier:

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The party system facilitates the formation of Government because the Head of the State has to find out which party enjoys a majority in the legislature. He invites it to form the Government, while the remaining parties act as .


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