How is the Governor of a State appointed ? What is his role ?

Appointment. The Governor is appointed by the President and holds office during the pleasure of the President.

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Tenure. His term is for five years.

Qualifications. To be a Governor, a person has to be :


(a) citizen of India, and

(b) 35 years of age and above.

Governor’s Role during Normal Conditions. Governor of the State enjoys vast executive, legislative, judicial and financial powers for the name shake, but they are used by the Chief Minister as a matter of fact. The Governor appoints Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers. He appoints Advocate General, the Chairman and the members of State Public Service Commission. He appoints the Judges of the subordinate courts. The legislative powers of the Governor are of formal nature. Bills can not become law unless they are approved by him. This power is not absolute as under some conditions he is bound to give his assent,

During President’s Rule. After the President Rule is declared in a State, the Governor practically runs the Government of the State with the help of some advisors.

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