Indian Salaries

Salaries & Remuneration

Salary of The President of India

Rs. 1,50,000 pm

Salary of The Vice-President of India

Rs. 1,25,000 pm

Salary of The Governor of a State

Rs. 1,10,000 pm

Salary of The Chief Justice of India

Rs. 33,000 pm

Salary of The The Comptroller and Auditor General of India

Rs. 30,000 pm

Salary of The Chief Justice of High Court and other Judges of Supreme Court

Rs. 30,000 pm

Salary of The Other Judges of High Court

Rs. 26,000 pm


Salary and Perks of M.Ps

Salary and D.A.: Rs. 30,000 per month, D.A.: Rs 1000 per day during sessions, Constituency allowance: Rs. 20,000 pm, Office expenses: Rs. 14,000 pm, Traveling allowance: Rs. 8 per km, Free Electricity: 50,000 units. Free Water: upto Rs. 1,500, Telephone calls: upto 1,70,000 free calls, Accommodation: Rent free huge bangalow or Rs. 35,000 pm, Air Travel: 32 air tickets, Train Travel: AC first class, Foreign Travel: First class air ticket with 5 star hotel accommodation, Pension: After a five-year term Rs. 3,000 pr month for life plus Rs. 600 for every year completed as MP. Computers: One palm-top cell phone-cum-computer. One desktop or laptop computer with printer.

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