Legislative Council of India


The minimum strength of the Council is 40 and the maximum is one third of the total membership of the legislative Assembly. The election to the council is indirect. The members are elected by proportional representation by means of single transferable vote. A candidate for election to the Legislative Council must be a citizen of India, not less than thirty years of age and should possess such other qualifications as may be prescribed by Parliament.

Parliament of India

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It is a permanent body. One-third of its members retire every two years. The Council along with the Assembly must be summoned at least twice a year. The intervening period between two sessions should not exceed six months. The Governor can prorogue the Legislative council. The Legislative Council chooses its own Chairman and a Deputy Chairman.


Function of the council
Immunities and privileges enjoyed by members of State Legislature. In the Legislative Chamber, the members enjoy freedom of Speech. They are not liable to any proceedings in any court of law in respect of anything said or any vote given by them in the legislature or a legislative committee.

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