Parliamentary Committees of India

The Parliament is assisted by a number of Committees in the discharge of its duties. The Parliamentary Committees exercise effective control over government activity on a regular and continuing basis. These committees comprise representative to various groups and parties in the Parliament. These groups and parties are given representation in proportion to their respective strengths in the parliament. Committee work in a more intimate and informal atmosphere on non-party lines.

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Committee NameChairmanObjectives
Business Advisory CommitteeSpeakerIt plans and regulates the business of the house and renders advice regarding the allocation of time for discussion of different matters.
Private member’s bills and resolutions committeeDeputy SpeakerThe committee classifies the bills submitted by members of the house according to their importance.
Committee on petitionsThe committee examines the petitions submitted to it and suggests remedial measures.
Rules CommitteeSpeakerIt considers matters of procedure and the conduct of the business in the House and make suggestions for the improvement of procedures
Committee on privilegesRegarding the violation of privileges of members of parliament and recommends appropriate action.
Committee on welfare Scheduled Castes and Scheduled TribesThe committee also ensures effective implementation of the constitutional safeguards for the backward communities
Committee on Government AssurancesIt examines how far the assurances and undertakings given by the ministers on the floor of the house have been implemented within the stipulated period
Committee on absence of membersThe committee examines the leave applications of members. It is also looks into cases where members have been missing from the house without permission for more than six months. It can condone the absence of such members or declare the seat vacant and ask for a by election to fill up the same.
Estimates CommitteeDeputy SpeakerThe Committee examines the annual estimates and suggests alternative policies to the government to ensure efficiency and economy in administration
Public Accounts CommitteeOpposites Leader in Lok SabhaIt ensures that expenditure has not exceeded the grants made by the Parliament and the money has been spent for the purpose for which it was sanctioned. Committee ensures regularity and economy in expenditure
Committee on Public undertakingsThis committee examines the working of public undertakings including their accounts and finances
Joint Committee on Salaries & AllowancesThe committee frames rules for regulating of salaries and amenities like housing, telephone, postal, secretarial and medical facilities
Joint Committee on offices of ProfitThis committee examines the composition of various committees and bodies constituted by the Union and State Governments, and recommends whether persons holding those offices should be disqualified from being elected as a member of Parliament or not.
Select CommitteeThese committees are constituted for the consideration of different kinds of bills. These committees collect information and submit reports on bills referred to them.
Committee on subordinate legislationThis committee examines rules and regulations enacted by the executive to fill the gaps in the laws enacted by Parliament and ascertains how far these rules are within the limits prescribed in the main law.

Parliamentary Subjects Committee
Parliamentary subjects committees are its standing committees, six committees are constituted by the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and 11 by the Speaker of Lok Sabha. Some of these committees are joint committees. Each standing committee comprises 45 members (30 from Lok Sabha and 15 from Rajya Sabha). These committees work during the recess of the Parliament and discuss individual demands for grants for each ministry (or) department and submit their report to the parliament.

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