What are the major political parties in India ?

Major Political Parties in India :

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  1. Congress,
  2. Bhartiya Janta Party
  3. Janta Dal,
  4. CPI and CPI (M).

Congress : Its symbol is Palm of Hand.Congress is one of the major political parties of India. Its programmes include removal of poverty, bringing prices down, increasing production, striving for establishment of socialistic patterns of society and economic liberalization.

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP): Its symbol is Lotus. The party is committed to develop faith in Hinduism by preserving its cultural identity. It wants all parties and people to have faith in India. Its programmes include freedom of press, elimination of poverty and unemployment, etc.


Janta Dal: Its election symbol is wheel.

CPI and CPI (M): These parties had common origin and till 1964 common history. They believe that power in any society belongs to workers and peasants.

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