What are the obligations of a Chief Minister towards Governor and the Legislative Assembly ?

Obligation of the Chief Minister to­wards the Governor and the Legislative Assembly :

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Towards the Governor :

  • The Chief Minister is the chief Constitutional advisor to the Governor and all powers vested in the Governor, are exercised by him.
  • All appointments made by the Cover-nor are recommended by the Chief Minister.
  • Chief Minister communicates all im­portant decisions taken by his Council of Ministers,
  • Chief Minister is a link between the Governor and the Council of Ministers.

Towards the Legislative Assembly :

  • Chief Minister is the head of Council of Ministers in the Legislative Assembly.
  • He is the chief spokesman of the Government in the Assembly.
  • The Council of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister is collectively responsible to the State Legislature.
  • The Chief Minister has to resign and with it the whole Council of Ministers, if he ceases to be the leader of majority party in the Assembly.
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