What are the Obstacles in the Achievement of National Integration?

Following are the obstacles in the achievement of National integration:


The germ of casteism is cutting the roots of the Hindu society gradually. It has so compartmentalized this society into Brahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras that the people of one caste don’t mix up freely with the people of the other castes. Casteism is fully exploited during elections. Such a situation creates bitterness and tension.

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Communalism divides the people having different religions. In India, people belong to different religions like Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity etc. It was these forces which led to the partition of our country in 1947.

Even in free India, these fanatics spread the rumours of mal-treatment to the minority groups which results in ill feeling and creates tension. Communal riots are taking place in the country. It has become a serious threat to national unity.



It is a very big obstacle in the way of our national progress and national integration. Every person loves his/ her province but he/she should not forget that nation is greater than the province.

The inhabitants of one province should not look upon those of another province with hatred and feeling of inferiority.


Language is the connecting link for the people. It is an important means of national unity. India is a country of many languages. This has led to much dissension and destruction. Separate provinces were demanded on the basis of languages and were formed too


Economic Disparities

The growing gulf between the haves and the have-nots is also responsible for bringing about fissiparous tendencies in our Indian society. The ways of life and the standards of living of the lower and upper classes are so different that there can be no meeting point between the two.

Frustration in Youth

The young generation of today is getting frustrated because it sees no future for it. The ghost of unemployment haunts their youth all the time.

This results in agitations, strikes, rising of slogans, destruction of public and private property, looting, arousing and other such anti-national activities. There is scant respect for teachers, leaders and law. There is unrest, indiscipline and lack of values in the students of today.

Political Disparities

Unfortunately in India, the political disparities are increasing day-by-day. Political parties are organized in the name of community, language and province etc. which is a serious threat to national integration.

Changing of parties’ time and again, making politics an arena of “Aya Rams” and ‘Gaya Rams’ creates political instability in the states. In some states the political changes are so rapid that the administration comes to a virtual standstill. This creates frustration in the people.

These are some of the factors which put hurdles on the way to national integration. The history of India shows that India has always existed as one nation despite all these diversities.

In fact, the Indians Relieve in unity in diversity and they have shown themselves as a nation during the three aggressions on them after the attainment of Dependence

Education for National Integration

Education is a power­ful means of bringing about national integration. In the words of Dr. Radha Krishnan “National integration cannot be built by brick and mortar or with chisel and hammer. It has to grow silently in the minds and hearts of people and the process by which it could be achieved was by education.”

Education alone can develop the feeling of nationalism in the masses and it has to accomplish this task compulsorily. Without the active co-operation of education we shall not be able to defend the structure of the nation.

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