What do you mean by Centralised Federalism ? What are the powers enjoyed by our Central Government.

Centralised Federalism can be understood in the following way:

Con “Law” Theory, New Haven-Style - Freedom's Floodgates

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In a Federal Government, the Con­stitution divides the powers between the-Central and State Governments. This Constitutional division of power ensures use of power by Central and State Governments within their own spheres.

Ours is a Centralised Federation which means that there is unequal division of powers be­tween Centre and State-and the powers are heavily tilted towards Central Government.

  • Centre has the power to legislate not only on subjects of Central List but also on Concurrent List. In emergencies, it may take over the administra­tion of State and legislate on State matters for a particular State. Thus the division of power makes the Centre strong.
  • All residuary powers are in the hands of the Central Government. Though State has the power to legislate in regard to matters contained in concurrent list but the moment Central Government makes a law on it, the State Law automatically ceases to operate.
  • Our unified judiciary and unified administrative services go to prove that the Central Government is stronger than the State Government.
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