What do you mean by Lok Sabha and explain its legislative powers and executive functions ?

Lok Sabha is the lower but most powerful Chamber of the two Houses of Parliament. Its members are elected directly by people of India on the basis of Universal Adult Franchise. The Lok Sabha has 550 elected members. The President has the power to nominate two members of Anglo-Indian community if it does not have adequate representation.


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Two Legislative Powers of Lok Sabha are

  • The main functions of Lok Sabha as House of Parliament is to make laws as contained in the Union List or (if need be) in concurrent list.
  • The Lok Sabha may under exception; circumstances make laws on concurrent list.

Two Executive Functions are

  • Lok Sabha controls the executives through various devices like calling attention motion, questions, No Confidence Motions and other means.
  • Lok Sabha approves various acts of Government like emergencies etc.
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