What is Municipal Corporation?


Organization of Municipal Corporation in different cities is not the same. The members of the Corporation called Councilors are elected on adult franchise. The number of members is determined by law on the basis of population of the city. In addition to the elected Councilors some dignified residents of the city are elected by the Councilors. There is a provision for reservation of seats for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes & women.

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The tenure of the Municipal Corporation is for live years.


Mayor is the political executive of the Municipal Corporation. In the first meeting of the corporation Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected from among the members of the Corporation. The Mayor is honored as the first citizen of the city. He presides over the meeting of the corporation. He has access to all the records of the Corporations. The Chief Administrative Officer or the Commissioner submits reports on administrative matters to him. He is the proper channel of communication between the Commissioner and the State Govt.

Chief Administrative Officer


For running the administration of the Corporation, Chief Executive officer or Commissioner is responsible. He is appointed by the State Govt. His salary and service conditions are fixed by the State Government. His salary is paid out of municipal funds. He performs all the duties imposed or conferred upon him under the Act and in times of emergency, may take any action he deems necessary. All municipal employees are subject to his supervision and control. He inflicts punishments for offence committed by the employees. He acts as a Secretary to the Corporation in furnishing the necessary information.

Functions of Corporation

The functions of Municipal Corporation are of two types. (1) Obligatory and Discretionary. The obligatory function includes this function which must be performed by the Corporation the discretionary functions are those which are not compulsory but may be taken up depending upon its final resources.

Obligatory functions

  1. Supply of water and maintenance of water works.
  2. Supply of electricity.
  3. Instruction and maintenance of roads and streets.
  4. Lighting, watering and clearing of public streets and public places.
  5. Maintenance of fire brigade.
  6. Provision of primary education.
  7. Arrangement of transport facilities.
  8. Establishment and maintenance of hospitals, maternity and chief welfare centers.
  9. Checking food adulteration in market.
  10. Registration of birth and deaths.
  11. Vaccination and inoculation.
  12. Demolition of dangerous buildings.



  1. Construction of public parks, gardens, libraries. Museums theaters etc.
  2. Construction of Public Houses.
  3. Relief to destitute and disable persons.
  4. Planting and care of tree on road sides and elsewhere.
  5. Registration of marriage.
  6. Survey of building and lands.
  7. Playing of music for masses.
  8. Opening orphan Houses.
  9. Destruction or detention of rabbit, dogs, ownerless dogs etc.

Sources of Income

Following are the sources of income of Municipal Corporation.

i) Water tax, ii) sanitary tax, iii) Taxes for the consumption of electricity, iv) property tax, (v) Profession tax, (vi) Theatre tax, (vii) Entertainment tax, (viii) Tax on deeds of transfer of immovable property and Advertisement tax etc.

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