What is Political Violence?

Political Violence is a collective violent action of a group of people against the government to highlighted its discontent. It may be a protest against a particular policy of the government, it may be used to remove a particular government from power, or it may be taken recourse to for the change of political system.

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Aggression and violence have been a part of human history since long because men take to violence and aggression to secure things that they did not possess or to preserve things that they possessed. Normally, Political Violence is directed against the state, its property and men who manage its institutions. Political Violence may being with rioting or mass demonstrations. But it is always possible that it assumes different forms.

Aristotle was the first political scientist who discussed the nature and causes of political disorder. He pointed out that change in the balance of social forces in a particular state was responsible for political disorder. The Indian political thinker Kautilya (Chanakya) was of the opinion that change in the attitude of one’s own people is revolt. It results from a wrong policy of the government and immodest behavior of the King.


Thus, since ancient times, Political Violence had caused disorder in the state and in modern times, the problem of Political Violence has become more marked and complex.

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