What is the structure of Government in an Indian State ?

The executive of the State consists of the Governor and the Council of Ministers with the Chief Minister at its head. It functions very much like the Central Government except on certain points.

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Thus the State Government has three organs :

  • Legislature. All elected as well as nominated members of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council form legislature. All eligible voters send their nominees to the Legislative As­sembly. The majority party is identified and its leader is asked to form the Government, He is called Chief Minister. He forms, the Council of Ministers and requests the Governor to make appointments as suggested.
  • Executive. Governor of the State, Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers make the executive. There are three type of Ministers in it. They are :
    • Minister of first rank called Cabinet Minister
    • State Ministers
    • Deputy Ministers.
  • They are responsible for the smooth functioning of the Government.
  • Judiciary. Chief Justice of the High Court and his fellow Judges and District Courts form the Judiciary.
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