What was the important points focused by President Wilson ?

Important Points focused by President Wil­son :

Keys to Staying Focused |

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  • Abolition of secret treaties or diplomacy.
  • Freedom in the use of seas by all the States.
  • Reduction of armament.
  • Conduct of negotiation between differ­ent States.
  • Removal Of international barriers.
  • Prompt and impartial adjustments of colonial claims.
  • Evacuation of Belgium by Germany.
  • Restoration of Alsace-Loraine to France.
  • Creation of Independent States in Eu­rope.
  • Establishment of World Organisation to guarantee the political independence and territorial integrity of different nations. The other provisions included Sanctions. According to this, economic and military action would be taken against any country which committed aggression. It also bound its members to improve labour and social conditions in their countries. For this the International Labour Organization was set up which is now the specialised agency of the United Nations.

The Covenant of League of Nations incorporates all these points.

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