What are the differences between chemical reactions and nuclear reactions ?

Differences between Chemical Reactions and Nuclear Reactions are :

Chemical reactions

1. Only the outermost electrons of the atoms take part in chemical reactions. The nuclei of atoms remain unaffected.

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2. The chemical identity of an element does not change in a chemical reaction. That is, an element remains the same even after the chemical reaction.

3. Usually a small amount of energy is liberated or absorbed in a chemical reaction.

4. A chemical reaction is greatly affected by a change in temperature, pressure, etc.

Nuclear reactions


1. The nuclei of atoms undergo a change in composition in nuclear reactions,

2. The chemical identity of an element changes in a nuclear reaction. That is, one element changes into another element or elements in a nuclear reaction.

3. A tremendous amount of energy is liberated in a nuclear reaction.

4. A nuclear reaction is not affected by the changes in temperature or pressure.

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