What are the kinds of ovules ?

The kinds of ovules are:

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1. Orthotropous (Straight) : The micropyle, chalaza and funicle lie in one straight line e.g.,Family Polygonaceae, Piperaceae.

2. Anatropous (Inverted) : The body of the ovule is completely inverted so that micropyle and hilum come to He very close to each other e.g., All plants of gamopetalae.


3. Hemitropous : When nucellus and integuments lie more or less at right ang­les to the funiculus e.g., Ranunculus.

4. Campylotropous : When the ovule is curved, the micropyle is directed toward chaiaza. Chaiaza is situated at right angles to funicle e.g., Members of Leguminosae family

5. Amphitropous : The ovule curvature is more pronounced and embryosac become horse-shoe shaped e.g., Families, Alismaceae, Butamaceae.

6. Circinotropous : The funicle is exceptionally long and forms a complete circle around the ovules, which is free from it except for a small area at the end of funicle e.g., Opuntia and other members of families Cactaceae and Plumbaginaceae.

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