What are the main differences between Mitosis and Meiosis ?

The main differences between Mitosis and Meiosis are :


1) This division takes place in somatic cells and as a result of this division growth occurs.

2) Completed in one stage

3) Prophase is smaller (as compared to prophase of Meiosis)

4) No crossing over takes place

5) Synapsis does not take place at metaphase.

6) At metaphase, centromere is towards equatorial plate and ends of chromosomes towards poles. Centromere divides.

7) Chromatids are long and thin.

8) Cytokinesis follows karyokinesis.

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1) This takes place usually in reproductive cells and as a result of this character one generation pass into the other.

2) Completed in two stages

3) Prophase longer than prophase of mitosis and divided into five substages

4) Crossing over takes place in which exchange of segments of chromatids occurs.

5) Synapsis between homologous chromosomes takes place (bivalent stage)

6) At metaphase I, the centromere is towards poles and ends of Chromosomes towards equatorial plate. Centromere does not divide.

7) Chromatids are shorter and thick

8) After Telophase I cytokinesis does not takes place always (may occur).

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