What for the information about other planets and outer space are collected ?

It is because of the developments in the field of space science that the scientists have been able to probe (study) all the planets of the solar system from a close range. For example, the Voyager space crafts launched by America (USA) have transmitted the photographs of all the planets from close range. In fact, the information collected by these space probes has given us a deep insight into the various distant planets. For example, during the course of their space journeys, Voyager space crafts have discovered new rings and moons of the planet “Saturn“.

Artist's impression of Saturn's rings | ESA/Hubble

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The cameras of Voyager space crafts have detected four new moons (or satellites) of the planet “Neptune”. It has also discovered two rings around “Neptune”. Similarly, the landing of man on moon has provided a rare opportunity to collect first hand information about the surface of moon, its structure and composition. The volumi­nous data collected through various space probes has enabled the scientists to understand the origin and structure of solar system and the composition of planets in a better way. The various laboratories established in outer space and the Hubble telescope which is permanently stationed in outer space are providing more and more information about the various celestial objects. It is hoped that these efforts will enable scientists to solve the various mysteries of the universe regarding its origin, structure and composition.

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