What is a bud and what are its types ?

Buds are condensed stem in which there are shortened internodes and leaves envelope one another. When a bud grows, the internodes become elongated thus separating the leaves e.g., Cabbage.

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On the basis of position on the plant, buds are of the following types.

Types of buds:

1. Apical or Terminal buds : These are present at the apex of main stem and branches and are responsible for increase in length of the plant..

2. Lateral buds : These are present on the main stem or branches either on left or right side. They give rise to either branches or flowers. If these buds are born in the axil of a leaf these are called axillary buds. If the buds arise on lateral sides of axillary buds these are called collateral (= accessory) buds.

3. Adventitious buds : These buds instead of developing terminally or laterally from stem, arise from other portion of the plant e.g., from Leaf – Bryophyllum and from roots—Sweet potato.

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