What is dispersal of seeds and fruits ?

Dispersal of seeds and fruits is found in all the fruit and seed bearing plants of the world. There is great importance of dispersal of seeds and fruits. If we imagine the conditions when there would not be any dispersal, then there would have been following odd situations.

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(i) All the fruits and seeds might have fallen on the parent bed and germinate to develop into plants of the same type.

(ii) Similar plants have similar requirements, so there might have been a strong struggle for existence due to which no plant would have developed properly.


(iii) Plant aggregations are likely to be destroyed by fire etc.

(iv) Beside this seedlings might not have sufficient light, air and mineral salts.

Dispersal of seeds and fruits saves plants from the above given odd conditions. Like pollen grains, seeds and fruits also do not have autonomous movement. So these need some agency for dispersal.

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