What is the difference between condensation and evaporation ?


  • It is process by which water vapour is changed into tiny droplets of water.
  • The point at which water vapour starts condensing is called due point
  • Condensation takes place when water vapours carried by minute solid particles like dust, salt, crystal, carbon particles in smoke, pollen-grains etc. present in the atmosphere get converted into water droplets due to cooling of the air beyond the level of saturation of the atmosphere.
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  • It is a process by which water changes into water vapour. It is opposite to the process of condensation.
  • The process of evaporation takes place every where depending upon the distribution of sun’s rays.
  • When water evaporates, the water vapour gets into the atmosphere. Evaporation takes place more quickly in the lower latitudes tan in the higher latitudes.
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