What is the Relationship of Environmental Science with Biotechnology?

In today’s world, biotechnology occupies an important position in applied sciences in its efforts to improve the quality of human life and the living conditions through the development of biodiversed products, because biotechnologist search nearly all types of herbs through assistance of environmental studies.

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It is a observed that the environment come through increased population pressure leading to over exploitation of land, and available water resources, destruction of biowealth, biodiversity and also injection of various hazardous xenobiotic substances into the environment affecting its self-purification potential and carrying capacity.

The enormity of the problem has drawn attention of scientists, technologists, administrators and citizens to find ways to sustain and manage environment in order to achieve sustainable development and to preserve eco- health along with conservation of invaluable natural resources.


The emerging science of biotechnology is found to be an essential tool in this endeavors as it can provide new approach for understanding, managing, preserving and restoring the quality of environment.

The methodologies of biotechnology no doubt can be suitably utilized to assess the health and well being of ecosystems, transformation of pollutants into harmless substances, to generate biodegradable materials from renewable resources ana for developing eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes and also disposal methods. All these products and processes are studied under environmental bioteclinology.

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