Fill in the blanks types questions and answers for ICSE students on Geography?

This article contains some of the most significant fill in the blanks type questions for all ICSE students. The below given questions are based on Geography. You must be knowing that stars together form patterns in the sky called constellations. Now just try to answer the below given questions. You can see the correct answers below.

ICSE Tips - Exam18

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1. A Greek astronomer by the name of __________ named 48 constellations in his book called __________.

2. There are __________ constellation in total, out of which __________ form the Zodiac.


3. Constellation got their names from the great civilizations of the past _________, __________,__________.

4. The smallest constellation, that is also the easiest to spot, is __________.

5. Recently, a thirteen constellation has been added to the Zodiac by the western astronomers called __________ which means ‘serpent bearer’.

6. Some constellations have been listed here. Pick out their meaning from the hint box.


(a) Ursa Major _________

(b) Pegasus _________

(c) Orion _________

(d) Musca _________


(e) Canis Minor __________
(f) Pavo __________

(g) Cygnus __________

(h) Draco __________

(i) Delphinus _________

(j) Cetus __________

Hint : fly, hunter, peacock, great bear, whale, lesser, god, swan, dolphin, winged horse, dragon


1. Ptolemy; Almagest
2. 88;12
3. Greek, Roman, Babylonian
4. Southern Cross
5. Opiochus
6. (a) great bear (b) winged horse (c) hunter (d) fly (e) lesser dog (f) peacock (g) swan (h) dragon (i) dolphin (J) whale

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