What are supercomputer and has India made its own supercomputer?

What are supercomputer and has India made its own supercomputer?

Supercomputers are a general term used for one of the fastest computer currently available. They are used to solve complex problems that cannot be tackled by smaller, less powerful computers. Seymour R. Cray designed the supercomputer systems that have been tremendously helpful in industry, academic institutions and government scientific projects. The difference between a supercomputer and an ordinary computer is that while a supercomputer executes a few programmes as fast as possible, the mainframe does its programmes concurrently.

World's Largest Commercial Supercomputer Underway - Go Parallel

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Supercomputers do not have sound, graphic boards, keyboards, etc. Supercomputers are employed for special purposes like weather forecasting, animated graphics, nuclear energy research, scientific simulations and analysis of geological data. The Pune-based Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) pioneered the first Indian computer called Param-8000. We have also the new Param 10000 open-frame model. India is the third counter to have such a supercomputer besides the US and Japan.

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