Twelve questions on Music for CBSE school students

The IQ of any student can be easily ascertained by asking him questions on General knowledge and current affairs. These days a lot of students are ignoring knowledge on music and musical instruments. This article contains almost 12 important question that any school going student must know. In this very website we have started a new series of Questions & Answers in which we will bring to you, some of the most probably questions that may help to crack any examination, interview or Quiz contest.

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1. Name the two types of Veena.

2. Which Hindu divinity bears the title Lord of Dance ?


3. Name the musician who was counted among the nine jewels in the court of Emperor Akbar ?

4. Which instrument is called the shehnai of the South ?

5. An instrument of Carnatic music is a large earthenware pot beaten with the fingertips and palms. What is it ?

6. What is Jaltarang ?


7. What is the Collective name for Sa re ga ma pa dha ni ?

8. Which musical instrument is seen in one of the hands of the Lord of Dance ?

9. If a raga is a form of melody, what is a tala ?

10. Which mellifluous musical instrument was Lord Krishna’s favorite ?


11. Kacchapi of Saraswati , gambir of Narad Muni and mahatii of Ravana is, the same instrument. Which one ?

12. Who composed the music of the Ramdhun ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram ?


1. (a) Vichitra Veena (b) Redra Veena
2. Nataraj
3. Tansen
4. Nadaswaram
5. Ghatam
6. a set of 7 or 11 bowls filled with water at different levels.
7. Saptak
8. damru
10. flute
11. Veena
12. Vishu Digamber Paluskar.


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