Was Gandhi’s assassination justified ?

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the greatest personality of modern India, whose farsighted and planned scheme of struggle in a non-violent way brought glory and independence to India. He was called Mahatma from Mohandas. Tagore highlighted him and R.K Narayan and other immortalized him. He was called the father of Indian nation, the half naked Fakir for the British, the incarnation of Good for the millions of destitutes, low class untouchables. He was our beloved ‘Bapuji’.

We are Indians: 'Mahatma' Gandhi

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Gandhi had no doubt, the potentiality of a God. A human, bearing blood and flesh can’t be so innocent, so humble, so noble, so loving, so accurate. His weapon were fasting, satyagraha, non-cooperation and above all non-violence, a unique weapon invented and applied by him. He was leading a saintly life. He preached ‘no work no food’. He introduced hand-spinning. he is the epitome of virtues.

The Indian freedom struggle, without Gandhiji, might have come to a nought. It was his efficient leadership, timely guidance, proper channelisation as well as mobilization of man power and will power which enable added fuel to the struggle and as a result on 15 August 1947 India got Independence.


Just after freedom the country suffered the partition tragedy: Hindustan and Pakistan was the outcome, which were formed on communal basis. The Muslims populated are called Pakistan and the Hindu dominated are called Hindustan or India. Gandhi was against partition from the very beginning. Still it happened. So he set himself the task of steadying the psychological reaction of the mass of the people.

The partition created hostility between the Hindus and the Muslims. There followed outrage, house burning, murdering, looting and inexpressible human tragedy. Punjab and Bengal were on the heaps of explosion. Gandhi traveled the length and breath of Bengal spreading peace, harmony, good will, brotherhood, amity. He preached- Hindu- Muslim are brothers. His consoling words ceased the communal riot. The Hindus attended ‘Id’ festival of the good Muslims.
In September, the communal riot again began in Bengal. Gandhi pleaded for mercy; but non paid heed to him. So he started fasting, unless the Hindus behave humanly, unless they treat the Muslims as brothers he would go on fasting. This Muslim favorable statement irritated the Indians; because at that time the Hindus in Pakistan were ill-treated. Gandhi was nor serious for them.

On January 13, Gandhi once again started fasting. This time he pressed the government of India to release a substantial amount of money to Pakistan Govt. which the Govt of India had to pay as the condition of partition tragedy and which the Govt. of India had delayed to release as Pakistan was villainy with India over Kashmir issue. His fasting also forced Hindus to form a peace committee and to vow to safeguard the property and life of the Muslims in India. All the above incidents made Gandhi unpopular among the fanatic Hindus. They thought Gandhi was against Hinduism. He would undermine the Indian culture as well as Hindu culture. if Gandhi lived long, Hinduism would suffer the fate dinosaur. So, he must be killed for the sake of religion..

On 20 January a bomb explode at the prayer ground of Birla House. It was a warning to Gandhi, but he did not learn a lesson from it. His love for Pakistan and Muslims increased day by day. At last on Saturday, 30 January when he was going to the prayer ground at 5 O’clock in the morning, Nathuram Godse, a fanatic Hindu shot him dead.


Much has been written on Gandhi’s assassination. Nathuram Godse himself has clarified his stand why he killed Gandhi whom he respected much. The debate in the court revealed that Godse was the culprit, but in reality, he was innocent.
Can you justify the assassination of Gandhiji ? The debate on Gandhi’s Martyrdom still continues..

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