What is Rann of Kutch?

The Rann of Kutch is seasonally marshy region located in the Thar Desert in Gujarat bordering the Sind region in Pakistan. It covers some 10,000 sq. miles between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the River Indus in southern Pakistan. The Luni river that originates in Rajasthan empties into the northeast corner of the Rann. During monsoon the flat desert of salty clay and mudflats averaging 15 metres above the sea level, fill with standing waters, interspersed with sandy islets of thorny scrub.

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It acts as breeding ground for some of the largest flock of Greater and Lesser flamingoes. The Rann is also famous for Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. The Little Rann of Kutch is home to the last of the three species of Asiatic Wild Ass that can be seen slung with wolves, foxes, jackals, chinkara gazeeles, nilgai antelope and blackbucks.

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