Classification of data

Classification of Data

The process of arranging the data in groups or classes according to their common characteristics is technically known as classification. Classification is the grouping of related facts into classes. It is the first step in tabulation. In the words of Secrist, “Classification is the process of arranging data into sequences and groups according to their common characteristics or separating them into different but related parts.”

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Essentials of classification

  • The classification must be exhaustive so that every unit of the distribution may find place in one group or another.
  • Classification must conform to the objects of investigation.
  • All the items constituting a group must be homogeneous.
  • Classification should be elastic so that new facts and figures may easily be adjusted.
  • Classification should be stable. If it is not so and is changed for every enquiry then the data would not fit for an enquiry.
  • The data must not overlap. Each item of the data must be found in one class.
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