What do you mean by Mode?

Mode may be defined as the value that occurs most frequently in a statistical distribution. In French language ‘Mode’ means ‘Fashion’. Around this value, there is high concentration of the value. It is neither the central value nor the total sum of series which makes any effect on it.

Dortmunder Herbst: MODE & BEAUTY

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According to Croxton and Cowden, “The mode of a distribution is the value at the point around which the items tend to be most heavily concentrated. It may be regarded as the must typical of a series of values.”

According to A.M. Tuttle, “Mode is the value which has the greatest frequency density in its immediate neighborhood.”


According to Zizek, “The mode is the value occurring most frequently in a series of items and around which the other items are distributed most densely.”

What points to remember while calculating mode?

  • Classes should be exclusive.
  • Length of classes should be equal.
  • Series should be in ascending order.
  • If series is cumulative, convert it into continuous series.
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