What is Direct Personal Investigation?

Direct Personal Investigation

According to this method, the investigator obtains the data by a personal interview or observation i.e. he contacts the source of information directly and personally. He will contact each and every possible source of information. It is done only in the following situations:

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  • When the scope of enquiry or area of investigation is limited or small.
  • When a very high degree of accuracy is required.
  • When the result of investigation are to be kept secret.
  • When area of investigation is heterogeneous.

Thus in personal investigation, primary data are used.


What are the merits and demerits of direct personal investigation?


  • The information collected through it will be more accurate.
  • It is possible to get supplementary information which may prove to be more helpful in interpreting the results.
  • The response will be more.
  • There is uniformity in the collection of data.
  • The communication gap can be filled by choosing the right words for the questions which are to be asked by the investigator from the respondents.


  • It is very costly method.
  • It is very time consuming.
  • The chances of personal bias are greater.
  • It requires extra personal qualities of the interviewer i.e., tactfulness, courage, courtesy etc.
  • It can give wrong results.
  • It can be used only when area of investigation is small.
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