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Essay on Dry Cleaning | Fabrics | Laundry Work | Home Science

In this essay we will discuss about the process of dry cleaning of a fabric. Washing or cleansing of fabrics may be possible by two processes: (1) Wet cleaning: Cleansing with water and soap or detergent. (2) Dry cleaning: Cleansing with grease solvents and absorbent other then soap solution and water. Some fine, rich and […]

Soap: Composition and Types | Cleansing Agents | Home Science

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of a Soap 2. Composition of a Soap 3. Properties 4. Action 5. Manufacture 6. Types. Meaning of a Soap: Soap is the best cleansing agent for washing of fabrics from a long period of time. The discovery of soap has brought a revolutionary change […]

9 Main Varieties of Soaps | Cleansing Agents | Laundry Work | Home Science

This article throws light upon the nine main varieties of soaps used in laundry work. The soaps are: 1. Bar Soaps 2. Neutral Soaps 3. Toilet Soaps 4. Disinfectant Soaps 5. Solvent Soaps 6. Shaving Soaps 7. Soap Solution 8. Soap Flakes 9. Soap Powders. Variety # 1. Bar Soaps: These are hard soaps which […]

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