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Quality Guidelines for Authors, Writers, and Contributors

  • Authors, Writers, and/or Contributors are expected to submit articles that are original and unique. Articles submitted in this site should not be previously published either online or in print.
  • Authors, Writers, and/or Contributors must not publish contents or portions of books, eBooks, or any other previously published or printed material. Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this site and if found your account will be deleted or banned permanently.
  • Authors, Writers, and/or contributors must not submit articles that depict violence, crime, hate, racism, porn, malware or any illegal acts or prohibited content which includes article content and the links and resources included within the articles.
  • Your article must be of professional quality and should include more than 350 words. Once you submit any article to this site, it will be reviewed by out expert and only those article which matches with our quality guidelines will be accepted and published.
  • No affiliated links are allowed anywhere in the articles, site and etc.


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