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You can use our contents like short notes or quotes under the guidelines of “fair use” by giving proper hyperlink (Full URL) to the resource article at PublishYourArticles. Don’t use techniques (like re=no follow) or iframes that try to hide credits from search engine.


Permission for Reprint

For reprinting any articles from PublishYourArticles on your website, blog or print publication, please contact us at .

Print media

Give full URL of the article with your story. If the URL seems to be too long, then you may use any of the services like services to shorten the Internet address before publication.


Violation of Copyright

PublishYourArticles takes violation of copyright very seriously. If we found any website, blog publishing our contents illegally, then we file DMCA complaint with their adverting partner (like Google Adsense) as well as to the web hosting company.

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