Biography of Lakshminath Bezbarua


Even the common people of India know the names of great men like Mahatma Gandhi, Deshbandhu C.R. Das, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Netaji Subhas Bose, etc. They have got all-India fame. But there are many other great men in India. Their fame has not reached far and wide in India. However, they are well-known in the State in which they were born. One such name is Lakshminath Bezbarua. He is one of the many worthy sons of Assam. : Lakshminath Bezbaruah (English)

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Birth, parentage, education, etc.—Lakshminath Bezbarua was born in November, 1868 at Shibsagar in Assam. This town is a famous centre of culture in Assam. The name of Lakshminath’s father was Dinanath Bezbarua. Lakshminath received his early education in his own province of Assam. But he graduated from the City College in Calcutta. Then he took his M.A. and B.L. degrees also from the Calcutta University. His career—Lakshminath started his career as a businessman. Within a short time he attained great success in this field, but his service to Assamese literature made his name famous.


He was much interested in literary activities. He wrote books on various subjects in the Assamese language. Thus he wrote poetry, drama, historical novels and short stories. He had also written about religion and philosophy. He has thus enriched Assamese literature. People highly appreciate his works. He was also the editor of a famous Assamese magazine, named Banhi. It was Lakshminath who wrote the patriotic song in Assamese, ‘O Mor Aponar Desh’. Thus the name of Lakshminath Bezbarua has been widespread throughout Assam as a great literary figure. Assamese literature is much indebted to him for its prosperity.

A great patriot

Lakshminath Bezbarua was a great thinker. He was an excellent orator. He dedicated his life to the welfare of the people of Assam. He worked sincerely for the uplift of Assam. He was an ideal to the people of Assam. They were inspired by his selfless work.



This great son of Assam died at Dibrugarh on the 26th March, 1938, at the age of seventy. He was a very popular figure in Assam. Hence people all over Assam mourned his death. His memory will ever be cherished by the people of Assam. They will particularly remember his service to the cause of Assamese language and literature.

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