Complaint letter to local municipality for repairing of road


On behalf of the village Welfare Committee of _______________ (committee name), I beg to bring to your notice the following facts for favor of your kind consideration and speedy disposal. The Road running from ______________(place 1) to _________(place 2) is an important thoroughfare in this locality. Hundreds of people travel either on foot or by bus along this road. Besides, Lorries and handcarts also ply along with buses and private cars and taxis. At present this road stands in need of urgent repairs at places, otherwise accidents may happen when the rainy season sets in causing great damage to the road.

If the repairs are not done immediately, the public will be put to great inconvenience. We, therefore, hope that you will be so good as to take proper steps to redress our grievance at an early date.

With thanks,

Yours faithfully,

Street repair bond passed by San Francisco voters | Transportation ...

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