Personal letter to your father asking permission for an education tour



My dear Father,

I received your kind letter the other day. My monthly tests are just over and we are closing for autumn break next week. I wish very much to be with you all during the holidays but our school has arranged an educational tour to some of the historical places of Rajasthan and I do not want to miss the opportunity.


The duration of the tour is ten days. The school has agreed to meet fifty percent of the expenses and 25 percent will be paid by the State Government. We shall have to pay the balance which roughly comes to Rs. 250 per head.

Two senior teachers are also accompanying the party. They will explain to us whatever we see and, therefore, the tour is expected to be of great educational value. I shall, therefore, request you to allow me to join the trip. Please intimate your acceptance by return of mail. Please rest assured I shall take the earliest opportunity to visit you all.

With regards to you and dear mother,


Yours affectionately,


Discovery Walks at Shavers Creek | Educational Field Trip ...

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